My transformation

I’ve never been a couch potato. I always had a lot of passion for sports. Football, basketball, swimming, windsurfing, ice hockey, boxing – you name it, and there’s a chance that I’ve already tried that. One thing was very frustrating… No matter how intensively I would train, I was still the quite chubby kid. There […]

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You are not your mind, 2018

Remember this when starting a new year: You are not your mind. And trust me, I am writing this from a new place in my life, where some feelings are stronger than the other. Yes, it feels bad to come back after two weeks of being fairly lazy (no work, a bit of gym and […]

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How to be more mindful in life?

Stop looking at other people just to compare yourself to them and be more mindful. And please, please don’t judge others – you have absolutely no way of knowing what’s their story. Look at people with curiosity. Keep that spark of interest in the life of others alive. Every single person has something “special” to […]

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Don’t give up too quickly

Don’t give up too quickly – stop and have a think before you do. Is it REALLY worth it? All you have been through, all the things that you did – leave it like that behind? To just give up too quickly? We hear from people how the gym is boring, counting calories is just […]

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How to start and get results

How do you start? Whenever I reply with a simple, but the very strong slogan “just do it“, I am often left with an eye roll, loud sigh or other similar behaviour that implies that this is not the expected answer. Let me make two things clear before I go further with this: 1) There […]

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